#15// LITTLE OBSESSIONS (july 2021)

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ISSUE 15 of LITTLE OBSESSIONS… truly a special, uniquely inspiring episode. Most of this issue is dedicated to the work and legacy of late HUNGARIAN animator and painter GYORGY KOVASZNAI, who’s daughter Dori was generous enough to share so much about her dad’s unusual and colorful life. Not only is his work amazing and vibrant - he bravely pushed boundaries, encouraged critical thought, and moved culture forward despite the obstacles of a suppressive and paranoid political atmosphere... his approach to life and work will light a fire in your soul and ass… his groundbreaking, psychedelic masterpiece BUBBLE BATH is finally back in Hungarian cinema for the first time in 41 years! This month we also have a piece by NEW ORLEANS writer KELLY MCCLURE called STRANGE MOVEMENTS, and an illustration by prolific PORTLAND artist ENEMY. It’s legends only this month… !

20 pg. zine ... no two are *exactly* the same, as they are folded, cut and assembled by hand! approximately $1 of every zine donated to B.U.F.U. in Brooklyn, NYC ... a queer and BIPOC led artist collective doing incredible work in so many domains. (http://www.bufubyusforus.com/)