#16 // LITTLE OBSESSIONS (august 2021)

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LITTLE OBSESSIONS “A SURREAL SWEET SIXTEEN(TH)” issue is now ready for you. It might pop your head right off of your neck, but that’s okay - after all of this juicy inspiration and creative nourishment, you won’t need your body anymore… or maybe it’s your head that you won’t need… anyway. This month I am honored to talk to a visionary - DOMINO, one of the most prolific and surreal artists in the game right now, definitely one of my favorites. She’s got four pieces in the magazine, she talks to us about her own obsessions, process, and insights into existence and turning things on their ass. Not to be missed - do yourself a favor and buy some of her incredible work. Also this month - I dive into the work and legacy of SHUJI TERAYAMA and get into why it’s changing my life // remember // NO BIRD EXISTS THAT CAN FLY HIGHER THAN THE IMAGINATION

20 pg. zine ... no two are *exactly* the same, as they are folded, cut and assembled by hand! approximately $1 of every zine donated to B.U.F.U. in Brooklyn, NYC ... a queer and BIPOC led artist collective doing incredible work in so many domains. (http://www.bufubyusforus.com/)