#14 // LITTLE OBSESSIONS (june 2021)

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THIS ISSUE IS AN ODDBALL'S APPROACH TO THE CELEBRATION OF SEX & SLEAZE... so much solid gold packed into this issue. we explore the life and legacy of CLARENCE REID aka BLOWFLY, photos by TONY RAY, erotic fiction by GAYBYSITTER, an illustration by REBECCA DAVIDSON... and much more! this issue will make you laugh and make you sweat... LIVE A LITTLE, OKAY?! - you gotta grab this one.

20 pg. zine ... no two are *exactly* the same, as they are folded, cut and assembled by hand! approximately $1 of every zine donated to B.U.F.U. in Brooklyn, NYC ... a queer and BIPOC led artist collective doing incredible work in so many domains. (http://www.bufubyusforus.com/)