THE ODD'S // 1 + 3 + 5 + 7 + 9 BUNDLE

Sold out

bundle deal of the second printing of some of the first, previously sold-out issues of LITTLE OBSESSIONS ---- "THE ODDS"

ISSUE ONE - only 30 copies of this debut issued were printed. issue contains a lot of original artwork, a story on MADGE GILL, LYNSEY DE PAUL, NORMA TANEGA and more!

ISSUE THREE - little richard obsessions! artwork by DEMI WIDHALM, story on photographer GEORGE DUREAU and how he relates to ROBERT MAPPLETHORPE... and a dive into GROOVY NUNS in art and music.

ISSUE FIVE - tape review by ALI MUHAREB, celebration of KANSAI YAMAMOTO and piece on bittersweet coming-of-age films and how they relate to my own development as a weirdo in art and music.

ISSUE SEVEN - we explore DOLL WORSHIP, talk to the amazing multi-disciplined poet and artist T.S. LEONARD, and photos by PEPPER INKBRIDGE.

ISSUE NINE - obscure and overlooked girl groups, and an interview with NYC fashion designed HANAN SHARIFA

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these issues are timeless, but also an ode to the atmosphere of the uncertain, explosive times they were created in. i am leaving them untouched besides a mark of the 2nd printing, and a few typo corrections. a raw beauty inhabits these pages, as I was trying to find my way.