#27 // LITTLE OBSESSIONS (march 2023)

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š‘³š‘°š‘»š‘»š‘³š‘¬ š‘¶š‘©š‘ŗš‘¬š‘ŗš‘ŗš‘°š‘¶š‘µš‘ŗ #27 is perhaps THE MOST VISUALLY, š’‘š’”š’šš’„š’‰š’Šš’„š’‚š’š’š’š EXPLOSIVE ISSUE YET... saturated technicolor animal ecstasy

we've got: MANY WORKS BY THE multidimensional DREAMWEAPON KNOWN as SKELLYOT + a very intimate trip back to SAN FRANCISCO / 1971 ... historical archives of the genderfuck theater clan š‘»š‘Æš‘¬ š‘Øš‘µš‘®š‘¬š‘³š‘ŗ š‘¶š‘­ š‘³š‘°š‘®š‘Æš‘»
(former COCKETTES... drama!!) shared with us by a longtime reader & friend to the LO ORG ZANE + a longer than usual look inside of my head... pretty long letter from me this month, I've got a lot on my mind!!

š‘³š‘°š‘»š‘»š‘³š‘¬ š‘¶š‘©š‘ŗš‘¬š‘ŗš‘ŗš‘°š‘¶š‘µš‘ŗ 4 š‘¾š‘¬š‘°š‘¹š‘«š‘¶š‘ŗ š‘«š‘¬š‘Øš‘« & š‘Øš‘³š‘°š‘½š‘¬

assembled by hand - 24 page booklet, 4.25ā€ x 5.5ā€ sent in a unique, hand decorated envelope by the author.
edition of 180.