#25 // LITTLE OBSESSIONS (october 2022)

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LITTLE OBSESSIONS #25 is the realization of so many dreams at once. In this issue, we have NOTES FROM A FREEDOM SEEKING FREAK - a walk inside of my mind during the formation of the FREEK FREELY FESTIVAL - which includes some exclusive behind-the-scenes shots from the freaky happenings, a smattering of practical things to consider when you take this idea and do it in your community, and a polaroid spread of all the performers who did their thing at this historic event - etc. A CONVERSATION WITH THE ONE AND ONLY erotic thread painting artist SAL SALANDRA follows that!! He gets into process, the naughty miracles of gay sex, talking to GOD, and how JOY and BRUTALITY party together in his work and in life! a conversation you will only find here. Also, more!! Eye candy, me exposing my guts, and that kind of thing. one of my favorite painters of all time MARTIN WONG graces the cover.

assembled by hand - 24 page booklet, 4.25” x 5.5” sent in a unique, hand decorated envelope by the author.
edition of 180.