#18 // LITTLE OBSESSIONS (november 2021)

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18th installation of LITTLE OBSESSIONS the miraculous little magazine that could! this month is good. interview and works by japanese artist and illustrator ORIYAMA TOMO... we talk about musical obsession, his approach to his work and hidden gems in japan, and more... a feature on the magnificent and explosive life and work of SUSAN "SUSU" TYRRELL that will get you worked up and definitely give you some things to chew on... also a few pieces of art by portland legend artist/musician/visionary CHAD DAVIS... a very colorful issue not to miss!

20 pg. zine ... no two are *exactly* the same, as they are folded, cut and assembled by hand! approximately $1 of every zine donated to B.U.F.U. in Brooklyn, NYC ... a queer and BIPOC led artist collective doing incredible work in so many domains. (http://www.bufubyusforus.com/)