#11 // LITTLE OBSESSIONS (march 2021)

Sold out

artists from around the country submitted work to the first ever exclusively visual issue of LITTLE OBSESSIONS. what lies within is some great stuff: illustrations, photographs, collage, and more that have a “haunted america” edge, a nostalgic bend, and sometimes an inebriated whimsy.

work by the incredible: Sarah Nienaber, Mara Appel Des Lauriers, Morty, Jodie Beechem, allison anne, Jason Merritt & Summer Morgan, Sandy Boulevard, Nathan & Noah Rice, sarah rose, Brado, Rose Lewis, Demi Widhalm

20 pg. zine ... no two are *exactly* the same, as they are cut and assembled by hand!

$1 of every zine donated to B.U.F.U. in Brooklyn, NYC ... a queer and BIPOC led artist collective doing incredible work in so many domains. (http://www.bufubyusforus.com/)